Category: Interior Valet

Audi A5 New Car Protection Detail

Buying a new car is an exciting time and is a great feeling driving away in something never touched by anyone else. But as the current cost of a new car is usually second to only that of a house, you will want to ensure that the new car feel and image is maintained to …

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VW Golf MK1 GTI Detailing

This Mk1 Golf GTI was booked in to receive some care before going into storage for the winter. It received a full detail for the interior, exterior and engine bay, which is where we started. The engine was in good condition but had a lot of overspray from a recent waxoyl treatment and therefore had …

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Full Valet with Paint Rectification

This Jeep Gran Cherokee came to us due to a recent purchase and required attention to the interior and exterior in order to get it looking like new again and return to her former glory. The full valet started by treating the wheels, arches & tyres with citrus degreasers and gentle wheel cleaners to remove …

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