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Protect Your New Car With Ceramic Coatings From £360 + VAT

Looking to protect your ’74 reg’ new car with the best protection? The ATG New Car Detail provides market leading protection inside and out.

The high gloss, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant coatings out-last all others. No other dealer-applied or professional applied coating comes close.

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Why use ATG to protect your car?


Ultra-tough coatings that offer physical and chemical protection. Fully prepared in our clean & bright workshop for better results!

Paint Polished To Perfection

Stress-free aftercare, easy to keep your car clean for years ahead. Paint left looking flawless and better than when it left the showroom!

Proven Products To Last

2-6 year / 30-90,000 km durability of real-world results
Every surface is treated from inside & out

A sleek, gray sports SUV with black trim and alloy wheels is parked indoors on a checkered floor. The vehicle has modern angular headlights, a license plate reading "AP 737 AM", and features ceramic coating for added protection.

Protecting Your New Car The Right Way

Protecting your new car the right way from the very first mile is the most important part. Applying any type of protection over a dirty surface is a waste of effort and can cause further problems.

It may not be obvious but new cars are rarely perfect cars; even more so on high-end sports cars. Getting your car decontaminated and any imperfections removed before applying protective coatings is the only way to make your car look better than new and last as long as possible.

Carrying out the ATG New Car Detail in a dedicated workshop ensures this is done correctly. Furthermore, the ceramic paint coatings supplied provide swirl and light scratch resistance. On top of this they are also resistant to even the strongest cleaning chemicals; so the protection doesn’t wash away. Only highly experienced detailers carry out the work in our flood-lit workshop offering perfect conditions to see the smallest defects.

Your car will be prepared and protected with the latest anti-scratch ultra durable coatings that do the hard work to look after your new car so you don’t have to!


Protection Where It Matters

As well as providing the perfect shine and paint protection our new car package protects all interior surfaces for the complete service.

It’s equally as important as protecting the outside as not only is it the area you see every time you drive but is the area that gets the most use every time you drive.

All surfaces are treated for durable protection whilst still leaving the factory as-new finish without artificial shine or slippery surface.

Leather is protected against new jean colour transfer while carpets and upholstery receive water-repelling coatings for easy cleaning.

The treatment continues to the driving controls for hygiene and all trim for ongoing preservation.

A sleek, gray, two-door sports car with the license plate "2024 AXF" featuring a glossy ceramic coating parked indoors on a checkered floor.

all that gleams new car detailing process

The ATG New Car Detail provides market leading protection inside and out. The high gloss, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant coatings out-last all others. No other dealer-applied or professional applied coating comes close. Learn more about what’s covered.



Our meticulous wash and decontamination process strip away impurities, fallout and bonded particles, ensuring a pristine surface, ready to absorb maximum protection.


Paint correction

With precision and expertise, imperfections and swirl marks are skillfully eliminated, restoring unparalleled clarity and depth to your car's paintwork.


Ceramic coating applied

The latest premium ceramic coatings from Gtechniq & Xpel are carefully applied to all paintwork and glass, forming an impenetrable shield against the elements, guaranteeing long-lasting protection and a radiant finish.


Interior protection

Your cockpit receives the VIP treatment it deserves, with thorough cleaning and Gtechniq protection, leaving every surface fresh, protected, and ready for the journey ahead.


Curing + Final Inspection

Before unveiling your gleaming masterpiece, we allow the coatings to cure overnight in the warm and our meticulous final inspection ensures every detail meets our exacting standards, promising nothing but perfection for your prized possession.

new car protection pricing


from £360 - £395 + VAT


From £540 + VAT


from £995 - £1,200 + VAT

+ £100

+ £60

Protect Your New Car Against Stone Chips

XPEL logo featuring three dots and the text "XPEL" in bold, white letters, prominently showcasing their expertise in car valeting.

As well as protecting your paint, glass and wheels against environmental damage we can protect your car against stone chips and impact damage. Any part of your car can be protected with our Xpel Paint Protection Film services providing where its needed.

Bumpers, bonnets, doors and wing mirrors can all be protected against stone chips. All That Gleams are fully trained and authorised by Xpel offering 10 years warranty on the film. 

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frequently asked new car protection questions

Questions we get asked about frequently, everything you might need to know about new car protection, why it’s needed, how to maintain and more! 

Ceramic coating is a protective liquid polymer applied to a vehicle’s exterior surfaces, forming a durable barrier that repels water, dirt, and contaminants while enhancing the paint’s gloss and shine. Its hydrophobic properties make cleaning easier and reduce the need for frequent detailing, while also offering some degree of UV protection and resistance to chemicals and minor scratches. Ceramic coating helps preserve the appearance and condition of the vehicle’s paintwork, prolonging its lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements, ultimately providing a glossy, long-lasting finish.

The longevity of a ceramic coating can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the coating, environmental conditions, and how well the vehicle is maintained. Generally, a professionally applied ceramic coating can last anywhere from one to five years or even longer with proper care. However, it’s essential to note that ceramic coatings are not permanent and will eventually degrade over time, requiring reapplication to maintain their effectiveness. Regular maintenance, such as gentle washing and avoiding harsh chemicals, can help extend the lifespan of the ceramic coating.

“Maintaining a ceramic coating involves several key practices to ensure its longevity and effectiveness:

  • Regular Washing
  • Avoid Automatic Car Washes
  • Dry the Car Properly
  • Apply Ceramic Boosters
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  • Inspect Regularly

By following these maintenance practices, you can help extend the lifespan of your ceramic coating and keep your car looking its best for longer.

Ceramic coating itself is not inherently high maintenance, but it does require some level of care to ensure its longevity and effectiveness. While the initial application of ceramic coating provides durable protection and makes cleaning easier, maintaining its benefits involves regular washing with appropriate products, avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods, and periodically applying ceramic boosters or spray sealants to enhance its hydrophobic properties.

Compared to traditional waxing, ceramic coating typically requires less frequent reapplication and provides longer-lasting protection, but it still necessitates some attention to maintain its performance over time.

Several factors can degrade or damage ceramic coating over time:

  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Abrasive Cleaning Methods
  • Improper Washing Techniques
  • Environmental Factors
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Neglecting Maintenance

Whether ceramic coating is worth it depends on individual preferences, needs, and expectations. Ceramic coating offers several benefits, including long-lasting protection against contaminants, enhanced gloss and shine, ease of cleaning, and reduced maintenance requirements.

 For individuals who prioritize protecting their vehicle’s paint and maintaining its appearance over the long term, ceramic coating can be a worthwhile investment. 

It’s important to consider factors such as the initial cost of application, the quality of the coating, and the level of maintenance required to ensure the coating remains effective.