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Engine Steam Cleaning SurreyA clean engine; a buyers, mechanics and enthusiasts dream!

Despite the engine bay being an area most people rarely see (or hope to not have to see!) engine bay cleaning is just as important as cleaning the rest of your car.

A clean engine makes it look like a well cared for car, showing care & attention to a potential buyer to increase value and help guarantee a sale.

Our engine steam cleaning service is designed to clean and preserve your engines appearance.

This is especially useful for engine de-greasing, general appearance improvement and making it easier to work on.

Why Use Our Engine Steam Cleaning Services?

Using the latest steam cleaners from Karcher gives us the ability to choose the ideal temperature of steam while also adding fully adjustable pressure.

Your engine will be effectively cleaned using low pressure to avoid inflicting damage to delicate parts or forcing water in unwanted places.

Using premium industrial Karcher products, the pressure and temperature are fully stable so we can take care while cleaning.

To further ensure care is taken we only use premium brand products and years of experience for a reliable clean.

Engine Bay Cleaning Features

  • Delicate areas covered up including air intakes etc
  • Gentle de-greaser applied & agitated by various brushes to clean small parts
  • Bonnet shuts cleaned by hand to remove dirt and grease
  • Under bonnet cleaned & washed by hand if necessary
  • Engine rinsed with low pressure steam to remove residue and oil
  • Process repeated until all dirt is gone
  • Plastics dressed & protected against cracking

Prices from just £60 inc. Heavily soiled engines may incur additional costs.

How It Works

Our professional engine bay cleaning process is easy.

  1. Drop your car off to our workshop in Guildford, Surrey.
  2. Enjoy the countryside or have a coffee nearby.
  3. Come back an hour later to see your clean engine!

However our steam cleaning service is only available at our workshop in Guildford.

Call us on 01483 346344 to book

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