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soft top cleaning

Get Your Convertible Roof Looking New With A Deep Clean & Weather Seal £95 + Vat

Is your soft top looking green and dull? Want it to look fresh and weather proof it again? Our professional soft top cleaning service will make you love looking at your convertible again, roof up or down!

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professional convertible roof cleaning service in Surrey

Is your soft top looking green and dull? Want it to look fresh and weather proof it again? Our professional soft top cleaning service will make you love looking at your convertible again, roof up or down!

Our convertible roof cleaning service will leave your soft top clean as new. Deep cleaned, stains removed and treated with no side effects and no damage to the delicate fabric. Plus the premium weather proof seal helps revive the look and protect against the elements. And you get to enjoy your convertible again!

How our proven soft top service works

Our proven process designed to make your soft top look new!


Pre-Treat Algae, Stains & Debris

After first vacuuming loose dirt and hair we apply premium cleaners to break down algae and stains prior to steam cleaning.


Fully Cleaned Using Steam

Using wet steam we can effectively remove all stains, dirt and algae leaving the soft top looking better than ever! No other option compares.


Sealed + Delivered

After cleaning all dirt and stains we apply a premium weather proof sealant to make the soft top look vibrant and prevent water ingress to keep it water proofed.

the benefits of convertible roof cleaning

Maintaining your soft top is just as important as the paint on your car. But usually gets neglected turning green and dull especially in wet conditions (good old Britain!)

We use heated water and steam with premium biological cleaners to remove all dirt, algae and stains. This is also completely safe to all trim and can be carried out multiple times without risk. Your convertible will be deep cleaned but gently restored. We have doing this 12 years so have plenty of experience!

All cleaning is carried out by hand and low pressure steam. And ensures the best and safest cleaning for your soft top. So please be sure the utmost care is taken on the most delicate of soft tops.

The dirty solution is then flushed away with heated water. Then a full dry and quality check is carried out & cleaning repeated if needed. This ensure your soft top roof is left as clean as possible.

To finish, your convertible roof is treated with a premium soft top protector. These are designed to reproof, protect & preserve the appearance of your soft top hood. Plus helps makes owning a convertible a joy again!

Soft Top Pricing

£95+ VAT

Renovo soft top protector

£180 + VAT.

frequently asked soft top cleaning

No, after years of experience we have found all the dyes available for soft tops make the roof stiff and less pliable. Plus we regularly remove soft top dyes applied by others as they are never equal or even and look worse than not applying. Furthermore, over the 9 years of cleaning soft tops we’ve never needed to ‘colour’ a soft top as our steam cleaning and weatherproof treatment restores natural colour by deep cleaning. And the UV in the UK isn’t really strong enough to cause serious fading issues.

Yes we apply weather proof sealant after our steam cleaning to ensure the soft top is left in great condition and help restore water proofing. This is very effective on good condition roofs and can protect against water leaks when they have been neglected. Unless they are brand new then weather proof treatments should be applied each time after full cleaning.

No, our methods of cleaning are non abrasive and can be repeated many times without affecting the fabric, weave or any part of the roof. As long as your soft top is in good working order (I.e no holes, cracks, failed stitching etc) then we can get your soft top looking new!

Yes, we use our premium vinyl cleaners for a deep and effective clean before applying vinyl protector to keep the vinyl protected against UV damage as well preventing cracking from drying out. This should be carried out more often than fabric soft tops to avoid them drying out.

Protect Your New Car Against Stone Chips

As well as protecting your paint, glass and wheels against environmental damage we can protect your car against stone chips and impact damage.

Any part of your car can be protected with our Xpel Paint Protection Film services providing where its needed.

Bumpers, bonnets, doors and wing mirrors can all be protected against stone chips.

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