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01483 346344 Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth, GU4 8QW

Our business grew out of the passion for the ultimate shine & customer satisfaction, your car will be cleaned & polished with meticulous standards to ensure your car has never looked better.

Our business was created out of a passion for providing quality, reliable car care services.

We take pride in our work using only the finest products from around the world.

This means we strive to deliver high standard detailing for excellent results achieved with efficiency to get your car back where it belongs, in your hands.

We operate from a purpose built workshop with 24hr security systems as well as offering mobile services to bring our car care services to you to save time and stress or for when you don’t have access to another vehicle.

We guarantee to deliver car care to the highest level to restore & maintain your vehicle to its original showroom condition.

As part of making your car look like new we also concentrates on the finer details such as the dirt around the switches, dust in the displays & de-jamming your door jams.

Just like your house you need to properly clean and refresh its appearance in order to retain the true value, aesthetics & personal pleasure in your cherished vehicle.

Having your car professionally detailed and looked after by All That Gleams makes it easy to keep your vehicle in perfect condition and even add value as proven by the leading used car specialists.

You may be surprised what can be done to already good looking paint and vehicles but if you would like your car to look like new again just book online or use our contact details to get your car looking like new.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Tom Puttick, Managing Director at All That Gleams

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