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Is Dealership Paint Protection Worth Buying?

If you’re buying a new car from a dealership then chances are you’ve been offered a paint protection package. As independent paint protection specialists we get asked all the time about this. The main question is; is dealership paint protection worth buying? And secondly what’s the difference between theirs and an independent professional ceramic coating […]

Best Tar Remover For Cars 2020

Little black dots and a rough feeling at the bottom of your car? It is probably tar. Using one of the best tar remover for cars will make the process easy. Car tar removers will make it simple to wipe away unsightly marks and be part of your maintenance routine. We use them on every […]

Best Car Drying Towel 2020

Drying your car is such an important part of defect-free paint that your car drying towel should be chosen wisely. Using the wrong towel will not only take longer to dry but can also cause swirl marks. One of the worst culprits for micro-scratching your paint is a chamois leather. Chamois’ may feel ‘soft’ but […]

Top 7 Best Car Wax 2020

Looking for the best car wax to add shine, protection and great beading to your car? Get the most direct and easy to understand list of the best waxes that will give you more shine for more time. As with all waxes, it is worth spending the time to ensure your paint is prepared properly. Even […]