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Best Tar Remover For Cars 2020

Little black dots and a rough feeling at the bottom of your car? It is probably tar. Using one of the best tar remover for cars will make the process easy. Car tar removers will make it simple to wipe away unsightly marks and be part of your maintenance routine. We use them on every car detailing service as its such a vital step.

It’s also worth removing tar before using a clay bar to prolong the life of the clay bar and stop marring the paint. So check out our reviews and get rid of the tar on your car!

5. Turtle Wax Tar & Bug Remover

turtle wax tar removerTurtle wax bug and tar was the cheapest product on test but also offered the least value. Its a well known brand and offers a wide range of products but just don’t stand up to the competition.

The tar spots we tested took multiple applications and the longest to remove them. Didn’t prove to be effective enough to be worthwhile.

Effectiveness: 1/5 Value: 1/5 Bottle Size: 500ml

4. Meguiars Heavy Duty Bug + Tar Remover

meguiars tar remover

Meguiars gave slightly better results than the Turtle Wax and the spray can was convenient. It produces a thick foam which is designed to break down bugs and tar. The solution can then be left in place while the chemical gets to work.

If you are cleaning the rest of the car then you can wash the car while leaving the soaked areas until last. Then using your wash mitt, gently agitate the affected areas. However don’t be over zealous as it can lead to scratching the finish.

It removed light bug debris in our test and helped soften certain stains but required multiple applications to remove further marks. And even then, didn’t fully remove the bugs and not enough to start dissolving tar.

The convenient spray didn’t justify the higher price due to the low performance and others were better on test.

Effectiveness: 3/5 Value: 2.5/5 Bottle Size: 444ml

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3. Car Gods Perseus

car gods perseusPerseus Tar Dissolver by Car Gods performed better than the Meguiars on test but still didn’t work enough to get the top 2 spots. Tar required lots of product as it didn’t have enough bite to make it effortless. The car on test was washed and dried then Perseus applied and allowed to dwell.

A microfibre towel was then used to gently agitate the area and remove the tar spots. It removed very light spots but wasn’t enough to remove the larger marks. So this was followed by further applications by applying to both the car and the towel and going back over the affected areas. 

Car Gods Perseus did a better job once repeated but still took a bit longer than claimed to remove the tar. A total of 4 applications was required to remove the marks but it did eventually work. Not worthy of the heroic title it’s given and the bigger brands performed a lot better and for less money.

Effectiveness: 3/5 Value: 3/5 Bottle Size: 500ml

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2. Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

autoglym tar removerA brand we have had in many of our tests and has once again come in the top spots. The Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover proved effective on the test car and removed light to medium tar marks well. 

The car was cleaned first to make it more effective so the tar remover was applied directly to the panels section by section. This was then allowed to dwell before wiping off with a microfibre towel whetted with the product as well.

A second pass was required on heavier and thicker marks but performed better than the others on the test, apart from the class winner. Therefore as this is a product most people will be able to get locally it is worth buying for removing tar marks.

The Intensive Tar Remover has a pleasant smell and isn’t an overpowering solvent which smells like something that could be used by an arsonist. And because of this it can be used to remove black marks inside the car such as stubborn marks on floor mats. As well as rubber scuff marks on inner door edges and sills.

Good value, effective and worth picking up for exterior and interior use. The experience and heritage of Autoglym is still proving to provide class-leading products. A good quality microfibre towel makes the process a lot easier.

Effectiveness: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Bottle Size: 325ml

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1. Gtechniq W7

gtechniq w7 tar removerGtechniq performed well in this test and this time took the top spot. It removed tar slightly quicker than the Autoglym offering while being only slightly more expensive. However, it can be said that something that helps save time is worth spending more on. Priced at £8.95 when on test at 500ml.

Gtechniq Tar & Glue Remover well in our tar test and broke down the black dots efficiently. Thicker spots required a second application but was visibly working. Plus, being any more effective could be harmful to paint due to the solvents. 

It also performed well on residues and glue left behind from stickers. A few sprays were applied to the affected area, left to dwell then agitated. The microfibre cloth used to wipe the glue away was sprayed with the product as well. However, really thick glue residue took several applications but even trade-grade products similarly struggle with this so is expected.

Gtechniq doesn’t smell quite as nice as Autoglym’s offering but the improved performance pays off. Tar is always going to show itself on your car so is an essential product to keep. We recommend the Gtechniq Tar & Glue remover to make your tar removal quick and easy. Use a microfibre cloth to make it more effective.

Effectiveness: 4.5/5 Value: 4.5/5 Bottle Size: 500ml

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