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Audi A5 New Car Protection Detail

Buying a new car is an exciting time and is a great feeling driving away in something never touched by anyone else.

But as the current cost of a new car is usually second to only that of a house, you will want to ensure that the new car feel and image is maintained to ensure you get the most from your investment and that it looks as good as when you first bought it.

This is what our New Car Protection Detail is specifically designed for. It preserves and protects every surface of your car from the inside, out to ensure that you can concentrate on driving it and getting on with what you do best.

The New Car Protection Detail on this Audi A5 Cabriolet started as usual by preparing all surfaces with our extensive wash & decontamination process to ensure that everything was as clean as possible to get the most from the following protection stages.

The wheels were cleaned inside & out to remove all brake dust and iron filings before degreasing the arches, shuts and engine bay.

The bodywork was the thoroughly washed by hand before decontaminating the paint with Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay Kit.

Once fully clean, the interior was freshened up from head to toe before applying dedicated protectants to the carpets, mats & leather.

GTechniq L1 was used to protect the new car leather due to its fantastic protection whilst maintaining the original Matt finish.

The exterior was then continued with a thorough polish to ensure the paint was cleaned & any defects dealt with prior to protecting new car paint.

Once the paint was protected, the wheels were hand polished and sealed using Zaino Z2 inside & out before treating all rubber, trim & exhausts with dedicated sealants for the coming winter.

The protection was completed with the glass being cleaned & sealed with multiple coats of Autoglym glass sealant to improve visibility and water repellency for safer driving.

The car was then checked and completed and ready for the months ahead.
















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