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BMW M5 cQuartz Protection Detail

We treated this BMW M5 with a CarPro cQuartz UK coating to ensure it is protected against the elements but also against wash marring due to the extra hardness provided by the silica dioxide coating. The process started by cleaning and decontaminating the matt black wheels as well as the tyres & wheel wells using […]

Audi A5 New Car Protection with Autofinesse Tough Coat

This Audi A5 received a full New Car Protection Detail following a recent purchase making sure it gets the best chance to start its life and defend away the dirt, grime and swirl marks! The detail started with a thorough clean & decontamination of the wheels, arches & shuts requiring areas of attention to remove […]

Audi A5 New Car Protection Detail

Buying a new car is an exciting time and is a great feeling driving away in something never touched by anyone else. But as the current cost of a new car is usually second to only that of a house, you will want to ensure that the new car feel and image is maintained to […]