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Audi A5 New Car Protection with Autofinesse Tough Coat

This Audi A5 received a full New Car Protection Detail following a recent purchase making sure it gets the best chance to start its life and defend away the dirt, grime and swirl marks!

The detail started with a thorough clean & decontamination of the wheels, arches & shuts requiring areas of attention to remove iron filings, grease spots and tar.

The body was then washed, after a thorough pre-wash rinse, using the two bucket method for a swirl free wash.

This was followed with a tripe stage decontamination to remove tar, iron filings, fallout and embedded dirt. Chemicals were used to remove most contamination followed by a clay bar to remove stubborn dirt leaving a silky smooth & squeaky clean finish.

Professional machine polishers helped remove fine swirl marks and left the perfect finish to seal and protect.

The interior received our attention next with a thorough dust, vacuum and brush to remove all dry dirt.

This was followed by a thorough clean to ensure all surfaces are perfectly clean prior to protection for maximum durability and bond to all surfaces.

The leather, carpets & mats were protected with Autoglym Lifeshine & gTechniq L1.

The exterior was finished up with two separate layers of protection for the paint, wheels & glass.

Exhausts were polished & sealed, tyres protected & buffed and the vehicle was inspected for perfection.

This left the vehicle perfectly protected inside & out for the following months making it easy to keep clean and keep it looking like new with ease.











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