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Cleaning A Very Dirty Volvo V70 Interior Valet

This Volvo V70 was one of the most heavily soiled interior I have dealt with for a while; possibly ever. Somehow the interior had gotten so bad that the carpets had gone rock hard and sand and mud had replaced the soft pile with a hard, rough coating. The entire interior had seen bette days […]

Audi TT soft top and leather cleaning

Treating an Audi TT with our professional soft top cleaning and leather treatment to tidy up an otherwise good condition car. The soft top was thoroughly cleaned using premium fabric cleaner from 303 products. This quickly but safely breaks down all soiling including algae, traffic film and staining whilst being gentle enough to clean your […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Full Valet with Paint Rectification

This Jeep Gran Cherokee came to us due to a recent purchase and required attention to the interior and exterior in order to get it looking like new again and return to her former glory. The full valet started by treating the wheels, arches & tyres with citrus degreasers and gentle wheel cleaners to remove […]