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Audi TT soft top and leather cleaning

Treating an Audi TT with our professional soft top cleaning and leather treatment to tidy up an otherwise good condition car.

The soft top was thoroughly cleaned using premium fabric cleaner from 303 products.

This quickly but safely breaks down all soiling including algae, traffic film and staining whilst being gentle enough to clean your hands or even fruit!

This leaves a very clean and soap/detergent free finish perfect for protecting.

The soft top was then protected with Autoglym soft top protector which was applied by brush for an even and thorough coating.

Whilst drying the leather was fully vacuumed to remove loose dirt before being gently cleaned with Autoglym leather cleaner to remove all soiling and leave the perfect the finish for protecting from future soiling.

The leather was protected was Autoglym Leather Care Balm to resist future soiling and make clean up quicker.

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