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Porsche Carrera 4s Swissvax Detailing Surrey

This Porsche 911 Carrera 4s was treated by us, All That Gleams, with the aim to perfect and protect the paint shortly after purchase prior to use by the new owner.

The car was first treated to a full detailed hand wash including multi-stage decontamination including the paint & wheels to ensure everything was perfectly clean prior to polishing.

The paint was then machine polished to remove the defects evident on the black paint under the high summer sun.

Once the machine polishing was complete the paint was looking a lot clearer, deeper and added a lot of shine.

The paint was then cleansed prior to waxing to ensure the wax would properly bond and give the most amount of protection as possible.

The paint was then waxed by hand with Swissvax Shield which has the added benefit of PTFE aswell as high grade Carnauba wax and gives months of easy maintenance and easy-to-clean surfaces.

The car was then completed with a full interior valet before the wheels were polished by hand to remove stubborn dirt and waxed with Swissvax Autobahn to make brake dust removal a simple and effortless task.

After all surfaces were protected the glass was polished, exhaust tips were polished and black trim was treated to ensure that everything looked its best.

This was carried out as part of the used car protection detail, click the link to find out more or go online to book a car detail online!











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