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Professional Soft Top Cleaning Surrey

Due to the fairly impressive summer that we have been able to enjoy this year, the convertible has seen a big come back and with it comes a lot of fabric hoods.

However due to the lack of sun we are used to most soft top roofs are hidden away and neglected in the cooler seasons, turning green and discoloured.

This doesn’t look good when you’ve got the rest of the car looking its best let alone the depreciation and premature wear!

Luckily unless the roof is damaged, all can be restored and new life added back into your soft top.

Cleaning a soft top does take time, effort and the right products to ensure you don’t end up causing damage or making it look worse than when you started!

This is why All That Gleams bring you professional soft top cleaning services in Surrey to make getting your soft top rejuvenated a simple and effortless task!

After deep cleaning the roof with dedicated organic cleaners that breakdown any green, brown or discoloured algae and dirt, the roof is treated to a protectant that resists water, dirt and blocks uv to help resist fade.

Check out the website page for more info and to book online!

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