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Car Valeting Jobs in Guildford

All That Gleams are currently looking for car care enthusiasts to join the team and help deliver quality car care to its customers.

As you can see from the site and social media, the work includes a variety of valeting & detailing work from interior valets, exterior valets, soft top cleaning, full valets plus full details including machine polishing and paint protection.

Our aim is to provide high standard car cleaning services so quality will always be the main measurement of success.

The applicant must be fluent in English, have a keen interest in car valeting & detailing at a high standard (training provided if not previously professionally trained), have a full uk driving license and have a good work ethic, keen to provide good quality service.

Work is carried out primarily on a sub-contract/part-time or full-time basis so applicant is required to be self-employed upon initial application.

If interested, please send a cv and/or covering letter to

I look forward to hearing from you!


Tom Puttick,
Owner of All That Gleams