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Audi R8 Enhancement Detailing

All That Gleams were commissioned to carry out the task of detailing this Audi R8 including the interior, exterior & engine bay.

The process started with the wheels being deep cleaned all the way through removing brake dust, tar and iron filings from the heavy use of brakes during track days.

At the same times as this the tyres & arches were degreased and cleaned by hand before doing the same on the door shuts.

The engine was carefully cleaned by hand before a gentle rinse to flush away the grime, grease and oil.

Before the car was washed by hand using the two-bucket method it was pre-treated with a layer of snow foam to help lift the dirt from the paint helping with a safer wash avoiding swirls and marring.

Once washed, the car was decontaminated using mild clay bars to remove stubborn dirt, fallout and tar to leave a silky smooth finish before polishing.

All surfaces were polished using Rupes machine polishers to leave a high gloss finish, without the risk of holograms or buffer trails.

This was completed by sealing the painted surfaces with Jeffs Werkstat Acrylic and sealing the wheels. Plastics were treated and door shuts were polished before protecting the tyres and checking every detail to ensure good standards have been reached.















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  1. Many thanks to Tom for a fantastic job with my R8 – despite the “challenging” weather conditions.

    The car looks absolutely awesome inside and out.

    Have already posted a recommendation on Facebook due to the complete attention to detail, superb results and overall professionalism.

    I will definitely continue to recommend and also return as a customer in the future.

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