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Porsche Soft Top Cleaning

This Porsche Boxster hadn’t received much care for its soft top since its original purchase so was getting in need for some much needed attention to bring it back to life.

The key to keeping your soft top in great condition, as with all car care, is regular care. Regular care or cleaning makes for easy care and will be easy to keep on top of things as contaminants won’t have time to settle in and make for a tough job.

So start your soft top cleaning with gentle vacuuming using a soft bristle brush to gentle remove all loose dirt and debris so it doesn’t end up being scrubbed in.

Now rinse your soft top with a strong stream of water to further help the dirt removal prior to cleaning.

Now apply your favourite soft top cleaner liberally to all fabric or a manageable section if your roof really needs attention.

I personally recommend 303 fabric cleaner or 303 soft top cleaner due to the gentle yet very effective cleaning properties, alternatively try Meguiars soft top cleaner as it was developed with Haartz, the manufacturer of nearly all convertible tops on the road, so will certainly be effective and safe!

After agitating all soiling and stubborn marks, rinse the roof to check for further soiling and repeat if necessary.

Once complete allow the soft top to dry or aid drying by patting with a microfibre towel.

Now apply a quality protectant from the same manufactures recommended earlier, 303 Fabric Guard or Meguairs soft top protectant.

These are both great products as they do not contain silicone which actually helps to promote algae and green roofs!

Both also contain UV blockers so your soft top will stay its original rich colour for longer!

Before & after pictures of the Boxster soft top clean & protect: