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Aston Martin Vantage Full Car Valet With Overspray Removal

This Aston Martin v8 Vantage received a full gold car valet with the intention to remove overspray from nearly every surface.

Wheels and arches were cleaned by hand to remove grime, film and brake dust including a treatment of Iron X to remove the bonded iron filings.

Door shuts were next to be cleaned using degreasers and shampoo to remove all traces of grease and leave an as new look.

The exterior was next to receive a full hand wash using ph neutral shampoo and grit guards to give an extra gentle wash and protect the paint from swirl marks.

The overspray was removed using premium clay bars to safely remove the contamination whilst not removing or affecting the underlying paint.

Once removed, the paint was polished using dual action machines to enhance gloss and clarity whilst not risking leaving holograms.

This was followed by a full wax on every surface to protect the paint and further gloss.

Exhausts were polished with ultra fine wire wool, tyres dressed and plastics/arches dressed.

All interior surfaces were vacuumed, cleaned and conditioned including detailed cleaning of the pedals.

Glass was polished inside and out leaving a crystal clear shine and finished the process. 20130225-204828.jpg20130225-204836.jpg








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