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Porsche Turbo Protection Detail

This Porsche Turbo received one of our protection detail packages to refresh appearance and renew the protection.

The car was detailed inside and out starting with the wheels, tyres & arches to remove all brake dust, iron filings and traffic film.

The body received a thorough wash using grit guards and gentle mitts to ensure the paint was kept in great condition and not induce any swirl marks or scratches.

The vehicle was then decontaminated remove all tar before using a clay bar to further clean the paint.

A premium quality pre-wax cleanser was used to deep clean and polish the paint prior to protection to boost the shine and longevity of the wax.

The interior was fully vacuumed before cleaning all plastics and leather prior to protecting against stains and dye transfer.

The exterior was finished off by polishing the glass, polishing the exhausts, dressing all plastics and arches and polishing the door shuts.

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