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Top 5 Best Iron Remover 2017

Top 5 Best Iron Remover 2017

best iron remover detailing

The Best Iron Remover In Action!

If you have a problem with fallout or iron particles from your brake pads soiling your wheels, you’re gonna need to use the best iron remover for the job.

Car care technology has rapidly developed over the last few years and the use of iron removers is now one of the most popular products in car detailing.

Removing fallout use to require the use of oxalic acid to break down and break apart the ferrous metal from the affected surface, usually paint, wheels & glass but have now been developed so that you no longer require an acidic fallout remover but a completely safe PH neutral formula which is even more effective than its acidic rival.

The best detailing iron remover are so simple to use; simply spray, dwell, agitate and rinse.

Even if you are using clay bars and polishes the use of an iron remover to remover fallout is vital as it removes the source of the problem by removing the oxidised metal from below the surface; somewhere clay bars can’t reach.

They are all fairly similar in product design so will all feature the following: Changes colour to purple when activated, have a distinctive smell..! and all ph neutral. Therefore the review of the best iron remover for detailing will concentrate on the effectiveness, value and quality of each fallout remover.

Best Iron Fallout Remover For Cars

#5 CarPro Iron X Cherry

CarPro was the first to come to market with their innovative iron remove dedicated to the removal of fallout from all car exterior surfaces and made a strong presence on the strong it was primarily known for its ‘unique’ smell.

Despite the strong smell, it works very well and was instantly a must-have product in any detailers line up.

It could be used on all surfaces but wheels were the most popular application due to the high ferrous content that brake pads and brake discs would expel.

The CarPro Iron Remover was, and still is, a fantastic product and if it was reviewed in 2013 it would have won hands down but due to its popularity there have been many new kids on the block and simply made a good product better.

Buy CarPro Iron X Online For Easy Fallout Removal!

#4 Valet Pro Dragons Breath

Valet Pro have been developing quality detailing products for years and one of their latest developments is their professional fallout remover designed to be one of the best iron removers for both professionals and hobbyists whilst remaining easy to use.

It has the infamous iron remover smell so just be mindful when using it on a windy day(!) but the smell is a little nuisance compared to the big positive of making fallout removal easy and very effective.

The Valet Pro Dragons Breath is another great addition to the list of the best iron removers for detailing and its slightly thicker gel consistency gives it the slight upper hand over the CarPro offering.

Buy Valet Pro Dragons Breath Today For £18.95!

#3 Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel

Unlike the CarPro Iron X & Valet Pro Dragons Breath, Bilt Hamber have acknowledged the fact that iron contamination is most prominent on vehicle wheels so have named it Auto Wheel, appropriately..

As a wheel cleaner it is one of the best available today as it is safe on ALL wheel types, including cars with carbon ceramic brake systems, with its benefits of being PH neutral, water based & removes iron contamination.

Despite being labelled as a wheel cleaner (don’t believe all you read in the papers!) it is just as useful and competent at removing fallout and iron contamination from paint & glass.

It will make your wheels bleed purple just like regular iron removers so you can tell when contamination is present and if you are using as a wheel cleaner, which most people use iron removers for, then this wheel cleaner will almost make cleaning your wheels a touch-less process.

It will remove contaminates with ease and if your wheels haven’t been cleaned for a long time, or you have a heavy or luxury vehicle, then some gentle agitation will be all that is required to make your wheels, or paint, spotless.

This is one of the best iron removers for wheels but like I said above, if this is in your arsenal of products and you find some small orange spots appearing then spray away and keep your car looking like new.

Buy Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Online To Make Your Wheel Cleaning Unbelievable!

#2 Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller

Our top 2 best fallout removers are two of the biggest rivals.

They both have an extensive range of products and both compete for very similar business aiming for professionals and keen hobbyists.

This competition gives us two of the best iron removers for detailing and are both very good choices if you are looking for one to buy.

The Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller targets ferrous fallout with their usual funky packaging and a unique green liquid.

Despite its claim for low odour, it does still have the unique iron remover odour so take this claim with a pinch of salt..and peg!

However, they have also added surfactants to improve cleaning ability, especially useful when cleaning wheels.

Like I said before, this will really come in handy on german, luxury or heavy vehicles where iron contamination will be high.

Dodo Juice have also made their ferrous metal remover thicker than most iron removers but is still easily sprayable, it just helps it to cling on for longer which when trying to dissolve metal particles, really helps increase the work time and reduces your workload.

Buy Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller For £13.90 Today!

#1 Best Iron Remover – Auto Finesse Iron Out

Our number spot for the best iron remover this year goes to..Auto Finesse Iron Out!

Auto Finesse have created an awesome line up of car detailing products designed for the professional detailer being quick and easy to use whilst being very effective.

Their best iron remover remains true to this and is very effective at removing ferrous metal particles from paint, wheels & glass.

Auto Finesse Iron Out is very quick at removing contamination and very quickly starts turning purple, an indication of iron presence due to a chemical reaction, which makes it very efficient at getting results and making your wheels & paint spotless in no time.

If you have tiny orange spots over your car paint or stubborn brake dust on your wheels, this iron remover will make it easy to get them back to looking like new.

Like most other formulas, rinse off or even wash off any other dirt from the affected surface making it easy to see the contamination.

Then spray enough fallout remover to cover the area (a few sprays will do) and watch the surface turn purple and ‘bleed’.

Once bleeding has stopped simply rinse the surface with a pressure washer or re-wash the area to remove any traces of the product, check the surface and repeat.

This is fairly strong both in performance and smell so you shouldn’t need to repeat the process many times but the longer you leave it, the more it will take.

Buy Auto Finesse Iron Out Today For £11.95!

Improve Your Iron Removal

These iron removers are some of the best products for removing iron particles from your car but to make the job even more effective try the following;

  • Wash the surface to remove dirt & grime
  • Use a Clay Mitt to remove the ‘visible’ section’ of the contamination
  • Now spray one of the best iron remover onto the affected surface (paint, wheels or glass)
  • Allow to dwell for 3-5 minutes (don’t allow to dry)
  • Agitate with separate wash mitt
  • Rinse well
  • Check & repeat..

Your paint or glass should now be flawless but if you still have small black dots then try a Tar Remover or paint polish for stained paintwork.


Now you have a list of the best iron removers we have used for our professional detailing services and hope you find these products useful in rectifying a problem or simply used to keep your car looking mint.

If you have any questions just ask us in the comment section below!

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  1. I have has the same problem on my Car, I used bilt hamber to get rid of the iron marks. The stuff is amazing and made my wheels look stunning, Anyone would have thought a professional would have done it.

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