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How To Clean Ceramic Coating On A Car

Ceramic coatings can be very effective at protecting your paint and providing a lasting shine. Knowing how to clean ceramic coating on a car is an important but simple task. As convenient as it may be, don’t be tempted by a hand car wash. Putting the effort in to clean your ceramic coated car yourself will pay you back with a lasting shine and less swirls.

Follow this step-by-step instruction on how to clean a ceramic coating on a car. There are only a few steps to take but they are worth following properly.

Followed correctly you can enjoy the benefits of a durable coating that requires less time and effort. 

It may seem easy but pay attention as some of the smallest details make the biggest difference.

What you will need to maintain a ceramic coating on a car

One of the most important knowing how to clean ceramic coating on a car is the quality of your tools. You may already some of the items listed but the small improvements can make a big difference.

For example, a high density drying towel and microfibre wash mitt will really help reduce swirl marks.

At a minimum you will need:

These will be enough to keep your car thoroughly cleaned and only shampoo and maintenance spray will need to topped up.

Step 1: Wheels

wheels cleaned on car with ceramic coating

Rinse off loose dirt from arches and wheels with high pressure hose or pressure washer, then clean them with your wheel brushes and shampoo or fall out remover as this can provide a deeper clean but still completely safe on coatings.

Use a towel to clean behind the spokes and a detail brush to clean your callipers and wheel nut holes.

Before moving on don’t forget to roll the wheels forward 180 degrees to check for missed bits.

Step 2: Pre wash checks

Washing ceramic coated car

Before jumping straight onto the wash, wash down your door and boot shuts. You can do this with your wash mitt or detailing brushes.

It’s also worth checking your engine bay at this point; again it should only need wiping down. If its dusty just gently rinse with a hose and dry, while cleaning, with a microfibre towel; don’t forget to wipe under the bonnet.

Now thoroughly rinse the car from top to bottom. If you have a pressure washer and a snow foam lance this is the time to use it.

Carefully check the sills, lower areas and underneath the rear bumper they are free or mud and grime.

Step 3: Two Bucket Wash

Washing ceramic coated car

Using your two buckets and grit guards, wash your car one side at a time from top to bottom.

One or two passes over each area should be enough to dislodge the dirt; don’t use heavy scrubbing!

Before you wash the next panel don’t forget to rinse your wash mitt in the clean water. Dislodge any grit out of it then pick up more shampoo from the shampoo bucket. This is as simple as the two bucket method is but offers big advantages.

Tight areas can be cleaned with detailing brushes and make light work of seals, grilles and panel gaps.

Step 4: Dry The Car

Drying ceramic coated car

After washing thoroughly rinse the car again to remove all suds; a flow of water can help dry the car.

Folding your drying towel in half, wipe down the car one side at a time; wring out if needed. While drying you can use 1 or 2 sprays of detailer per panel t0 help. This will add some lubrication as-well as help reduce water spots.

Use a different towel and dry the engine, door and boot shuts. The car should now be clean and dry and looking pretty good.

Next step, dry the wheels and tyres; and while you’re there, dress the tire.

Step 5: Preserve The Coating

Maintaining ceramic coating with Gtechniq c2 liquid crystal

Ceramic coatings are very durable and don’t need the up-keep that wax coatings do.

However, by using a maintenance spray and 10 minutes of your time you can really help prolong the life of your coating.

Mist your maintenance spray on a folded microfibre towel, spread over a panel, flip the towel and buff to a streak free shine.

Although its main purpose is to protect, it is great chance at double checking your car for any missed bits!

This step alone can make a huge difference to the overall finish of your car whilst further adding protection and preserving your ceramic coating!

Finishing Touches

Maintaining ceramic coated car finished article

To wrap up your cleaning session you can polish your exhaust tips, dress unpainted trim and clean your interior. Small details make a big difference.

If you haven’t already cleaned your glass with your detailer, now is the time to clean it up.

And while you’re there polish your wheels with some maintenance spray (the same one as the one used for your paint) to keep them protected.

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to clean ceramic coatings on cars can be carried out easily and efficiently if you stick to a process. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

So by keeping up regular care your car will stay looking clean and shiny with little effort. Use the guide, nail the process and enjoy the benefits of your ceramic coatings.

It will get easier each time and the whole maintenance clean can be all done well within an hour.