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Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Kit Review

Nanolex Glass Sealant Ultra is a superb kit for keeping your windscreen and side glass super clear for improved safety. The benefits of using a premium glass sealant are similar to that of a car wax; they both protect the surface and they both create a slick finish. Just like a car wax they are also […]

Auto Finesse Desire Review

Auto Finesse Desire Review. Pros: Premium grade wax for little money Easy to use with great results Fantastic durability against dirt & water Trusted brand & reputation Cons: Can be tricky if left too long (due to high carnauba content!) Click Here To See What Others Are Saying..And Save £40! Auto Finesse Desire started life […]

Autoglym HD Wax Review

Check out our Autoglym HD Wax Review. Is it worth the money? Autoglym HD Pros: Great durability – outlasts waxes costing £££s more! Easy to use Works on all colours Repels water & dirt for months Autoglym HD Cons: Must keep applicator damp Paintwork must be clean before use Click here to see what others […]

Caring For Plastic Headlights

Headlights have a protective coating which acts like lacquer on paintwork. It is there to protect the underlying plastic from degradation from UV rays and other environmental factors that could otherwise degrade the surface. However, due to the lack of care that headlights receive, the coating on the headlights, although does a very good job […]