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Auto Finesse Desire Review

auto finesse desire reviewAuto Finesse Desire Review.


Premium grade wax for little money

Easy to use with great results

Fantastic durability against dirt & water

Trusted brand & reputation


Can be tricky if left too long (due to high carnauba content!)

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Auto Finesse Desire started life as a limited edition paste wax but after a huge interest it is back by popular demand, Desire once again stands tall alongside some of the most exclusive waxes that the world has to offer. With the highest carnauba solids content of all Auto Finesse waxes, and a unique melding of beauty and performance, this Desire is simply too good to let slip away…


An ultra-high wax solids content gives Desire up to and exceeding 6-months of durability on a daily driven vehicle, which means all-year, all-season protection for your pride and joy.

Keeping it clean is also an easy and pleasing task. Simply rinse & wash the surface with quality car washing supplies and you will have a showroom condition car for months

Easy To Use

The wax application itself is a fairly straightforward process but you must make sure that you have a perfectly clean & smooth surface to apply it to. Auto Finesse do sell a matching pre-wax cleaner for this and it is also brilliant as it will leave the paint feeling slick and looking sharp but needs the pot of desire to protect the shine as the cleanser doesn’t contain any protection.

As with all premium car wax it requires more attention with the increasing amount of carnauba content, but don’t be put off as it is very pleasing to use.

If used according to the instructions, i.e. small sections at a time on a clean cool surface, then it is easy to use & remove and well worth the effort for the results.

Great value

Whilst the initial cost seems high, the large pot will last for months on a daily driver due to both the durability but also the minimal amount required per application.

If being used for professional car cleaning services then the cost of a premium car wax is minimal and well worth the extra investment for the great finish that it provides the customer.

Amazing Results

See the pictures below to get an idea of the quality of shine you can achieve with Auto Finesse Desire.

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