The image shows the text "All That Gleams" in white, paired with a yellow shield icon on the left, highlighting its connection to ceramic coating.
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All That Gleams At Top Gear Studios

A dark SUV, sporting "Top G" on the door surrounded by a tire mark pattern, is parked in front of a large industrial building. The vehicle gleams under artificial lighting thanks to expert car detailing.

Several months ago I was called in to valet a number of brand new 370z’s being used & raced on the Top Gear track as part of a promotion for both Nissan & Top Gear, called ‘We Are Traitors‘. As part of the event they were being used as instructor/demonstrator cars for new potential clients […]

All That Gleams are proud to present Autosmart Aromatek system

A silver box labeled "Aromatek" is placed on the passenger floor of a car with a cable connected to it. The car's interior includes two gray seats and a black dashboard, recently detailed by a professional car valeting service.

All That Gleams are proud to present the latest piece of car care technology designed to permanently remove unwanted odours in your car interior; the Autosmart Aromatek. Unlike conventional methods, the Aromatek machine uses dry-vapour to fill the car with an invisible ‘fog’ which contains 32 natural oils used to neutralise and eliminate mal-odours such […]

Winter Car Care – Care for your car in winter

Close-up of water droplets on a red car surface, highlighting the precision of the ceramic coating and a visible gap between two panels.

Just like you, your car needs to wrap up when facing the harsh winter elements to ensure it stays in the best condition to avoid a long, tedious tidy up to get the car back up to scratch when the warmer weather arrives. The basics These months ahead plan a tough time for your car. […]

What Is Paint Decontamination

A person's hand holding a used, folded paper coffee filter with a parked car's blue hood treated with ceramic coating.

Find out how to decontaminate paint, how to use a clay bar & other useful tips which leave your paint squeaky clean. Decontaminating paint is a valuable and straightforward task, learn how to identify types of paint contamination and how to remove it safely.