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Guest post: Car valeting: A summer of fun that turned into a real business

There are some people that get up every day and dread going to work – and I feel for them. I’m lucky though, since the age of 16 I’ve had a job that I love and have even been able to turn into a business that continues to prosper.   In 2008, having spent five …

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Which Is Better Hybrid Or Diesel: Guest Post

Today, the following is fast becoming a common dilemma: do I jump on the hybrid bandwagon or should I play it safe and stick with the popular diesel choices? The hybrids – although there had been the odd one beforehand – all pretty much started with the Toyota Prius (which is still a strong contender), …

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Treating Back Pain Caused By Car Valeting

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Like any occupation that requires constant physical work, car valets often suffer from back pain. You probably spend hours hunched over a car and have to maintain twisted positions in order to reach awkward area. Consequently it is not uncommon for car valets to suffer from occasional or even chronic lower back pain (LBP). Many studies have …

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Five Most Beautiful Cars In The World

Since the introduction of cars in the late 19th Century, we have been fascinated by them as objects of engineering and beauty. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a select few manufacturers have brought us stunning examples of craftsmanship that have stood the test of time. What makes a car beautiful? Automotive …

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