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Before & after of paint correction on Porsche 911 SC bonnet

Whatever vehicle you drive, we deliver the most extensive professional paint correction services across Surrey. Whether your car is brand new or 40 years old, our paint correction services can restore & rejuvenate its paintwork to an as-new finish.

Paint Correction Benefits

As well as swirl-mark free paint, paint correction improves the gloss, clarity & value of your vehicle. Once its rectified, we protect it with our premium protection to help you keep it that way.

What is paint correction for?

Paint contamination/defects no matter how big or small, are basically unavoidable due to the variety of factors that cause them such as sunlight, washing, rain, tar, oxidisation, brake dust, bird bombs and many other everyday factors.

Washing is the biggest cause of swirl marks and the less care that is taken, be it through an automatic car wash, cheap hand car wash or using poor quality materials such as sponges by yourself, the more damage will be incurred and, whilst maybe not noticeable immediately, will become more & more evident over time causing your paint to look dull, lifeless, aged & most importantly lose value.

Our professional paint correction can restore dull, faded, lifeless, scratched & aged paint to a leave defect-free flawless finish which looks glossy, vibrant & a joy to own, all with the benefit of increased value & higher return on your investment should you wish to sell it on.

Paint Correction Process

Paint correction involves using automotive machine polishers with the latest abrasive polishes. The polishes used range in abrasiveness and are selected on the paintwork type & condition. This ensures that the defects can be removed whilst removing the least amount of paint possible. The polishes are applied using foam pads which also differ in their firmness.

The polishing itself is carried out using the best machine polishers available in the form of both fixed & random orbital rotation. Most of the time the work is carried out using fixed rotary polishers which offer an unrivalled sharp finish. The random orbital polishers are used for delicate areas, thin paint or very soft finishes.

A very large range of the latest pads and polishes enable All That Gleams to deliver the finest paint correction services no matter what vehicle you drive.

Paint Correction Services

Gloss Enhancement Detail from just £195.

An extensive but affordable detail including full decontamination, single stage machine polish & protection for your entire vehicle.

Minor Correction Detail from just £395

A more in-depth detail spread over 2 days to allow more time for paint correction to remove further defects than the enhancement detail for an even sharper, swirl-free, quality finish.

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