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Matte Paint Protection Film Surrey

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Want to protect your matte paint from stone chips and scratches? 

Our Gloss Paint Protection Film in Surrey offers you worry-free driving for up to 10 years. Protect anything from your headlights to your whole car!

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WHY matte paint protection film?

Self-healing vehicle protection

Protect your car against stone chips and scratches with industry-leading XPEL Paint Protection Film. 10 years of worry-free protection.

hydrophobic against stains & grime

XPEL is developed with a hydrophobic top coat; the film’s naturally slick surface helps repel water, making protected surfaces easier to wash and stay clean.

transform gloss to matte

Protect any matte, magno, frozen or frosted surface, or transform a gloss surface with self-healing XPEL Stealth.

matte paint protection film options

XPEL stealth PPF

This is the top-of-the range, satin paint protection film. Protect any matte, magno, frozen or frosted surface, or transform a gloss surface with self-healing XPEL Stealth.

A white sports car with sleek design and distinctive logo is parked indoors on a patterned floor, next to a dark-colored car. The vehicle recently underwent car detailing, showcasing its impeccable appearance.

matte Paint Protection Film In Surrey

We are fully trained and accredited by Xpel to give your car the best possible protection. Therefore we only use Xpel film.

Any gloss panels are protected with Ultimate Plus and any matte panels are protected with Stealth.

Self-healing, fire resistant, chip resistant and high gloss; nothing protects better. Backed by 10 years of film warranty, your car is in safe hands.

Perfect Fitting matte PPF

All paint protection film installed with us is plotted and cut in-house. This gives millimetre-perfect fit and requires no cutting or blades near your car.

There are templates for nearly every piece of most modern cars on the market. Therefore every piece of your car can be protected to allow you worry-free driving.

Nothing else will protect your paint with the same gloss and lasting protection that Xpel Ultimate Plus will.

A near invisible finish and peace of mind for 10 years makes it a clear choice for your car.

matte paint protection film pricing

A modern sports car with a blue front and a white rear, featuring sleek aerodynamics, large alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler. This vehicle is enhanced with paint protection film (PPF) for added durability.

full front ppf

Includes full-front PPF with mirror caps.

Pricing from

£1,695 + VAT

A blue and white sports car with a sleek design, enhanced by a rear wing and ceramic coating. The car is viewed from the front left angle.

extended front

Includes full-front PPF, rocker panels, rear rock guards, and mirror caps.

pricing from

£1,895 + VAT

A light blue sports car with a sleek design, large black front grille, and prominent rear wing, showcased impeccably with car detailing and ceramic coating.

Complete car coverage

Maximum PPF coverage over the entire vehicle. Every possible exterior surface receives as much protection as possible.

pricing from

£4,495 + VAT

all that gleams matte ppf process

Choose the right gloss PPF for your car, whether it be XPEL Fusion or Ultimate plus, depending on the finish you’d like. Then decide on the level of coverage, from just the front end, to the full car.


Choose the right level & type

We’ll help you decide what’s needed for your car, whether it be PPF or ceramic coating, outcome you’d like. Then decide on the level of coverage.


Book in your car

Book a date that works for you and drop in your car to our workshop.


Worked on in our secure workshop

Our team will meticulously install the paint protection film in our secure workshop. All panels are cut to exact measurements, leaving a seamless finish on your vehicle.


Collect and enjoy

When we're done, collect your newly protected vehicle and enjoy your paint protections for 10+ years!

frequently asked ppf questions

Questions we get asked about frequently, everything you might need to know about paint protection, the installation, how to maintain it and more! 

This advanced protective film not only enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle but also provides an invisible shield against the elements, road debris, and minor abrasions. In this FAQ, we’ll answer common questions to help you make an informed decision about XPEL PPF and how it can preserve the beauty and value of your vehicle.

XPEL PPF is a high-performance, transparent film made from elastomeric polyurethane. It is designed to adhere to your vehicle’s painted surfaces, forming a protective layer. This film is self-healing, which means it can recover from light scratches and swirl marks when exposed to heat. It acts as a barrier against rocks, road debris, bug acids, and other environmental hazards, preserving your vehicle’s paint finish.

XPEL PPF offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Protection against rock chips, scratches, and stains.
  • UV resistance to prevent paint fading and discoloration.
  • Self-healing properties for minor surface imperfections.
  • Easy maintenance with no special care required.
  • Enhanced resale value is achieved by keeping your vehicle’s finish pristine.

XPEL PPF is designed to be nearly invisible when installed by All That Gleams. It maintains the original appearance of your vehicle while providing protection. Most people won’t even notice it’s there.

XPEL PPF is designed to be a long-term solution, and its lifespan can vary depending on factors like exposure to the elements and maintenance. However, it typically lasts 10+ years. It is also removable without damaging your vehicle’s paint, making it an excellent choice for leased vehicles or resale preparation.

Yes, XPEL PPF can be customised to fit any vehicle, from supercars to luxury SUVs. We can precisely cut and shape the film to match your vehicle’s unique contours and requirements.

Maintaining XPEL PPF is easy. Regular washing and waxing are sufficient to keep it looking great. You don’t need special products or procedures. It’s essential to avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes that may damage the film.

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