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Alongside the main services I offer, there are also many other interim and specialist services to ensure your vehicle looks great from every angle and nothing is missed or letting it down. Check the list of extras available below but if you don’t see what you are looking for then please ask as I have probably done it and carry the tools for it but forgot to list it as I do it so often!

Engine Bay Detailing

Whether preparing your car for sale or needing to find an oil leak, my engine bay cleaning services are designed to breath new life into the ‘mechanics’ area. From £50. Only available with an exterior or full valet.

Soft Top Care/Convertible Cleaning

Just £75 for deep clean & re-proof

The soft top care package includes safe deep cleaning for your canvas, mohair or vinyl roof to remove dirt, dried on mould and any other airborn contaminants dulling and ruining the appearance. After remove loose debris the roof is soaked in the best fabric or vinly cleaner before being gently brushed to loosen the stubborn dirt from the roof. The dirty solution is then washed away to leave a fresh, dirt-free finish which is then both air and hand dried. To finish, the roof is then re-proofed to make it repel water again which also helps extends the life and revives the colour to add years back into your roof and overall apperance of your cherished vehicle.

Has your roof got a plastic rear window which has gone cloudy or slightly faded? If so then it can usually be restored by removing the oxidised layer leaving a crystal clear finish, making it look like a glass window and how it should. Call me for more details or to revive your roof today!

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

From just £30

Although our leather conditioning is included in our interior detail, we offer it as a seperate top-up service to keep your leather looking, feeling & smelling new again. Our treatment feeds your leather with the finest products to leave a supple hide.

Leather upholstery brushed to remove dirt

Leather cleaned using fine leather cleaner to remove ingrained dirt

Cleaner removed from leather upholstery

Leather conditioned using fine leather conditioner to restore the suppleness and natural smell of new leather whilst also helping to restore the original colour