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A full detail designed to cleanse & protect every surface of your new or used car.

Protecting Every Surface Of Your Vehicle:

  • Alloy wheels cleaned inside, outside & face
  • Tyres & arches degreased & cleaned by hand
  • Door, boot & bonnet shuts cleaned by hand and rinsed
  • Badges, trim and panel gaps cleaned with degreaser and soft brushes
  • Bodywork treated with snow foam agent to remove loose dirt
  • Washed using lambswool in 2 bucket method (for swirl-free washing)
  • Tar spots removed from paintwork & wheels
  • Paintwork decontaminated with clay to remove bonded contaminants
  • Paintwork cleansed/prepped with pre-wax cleaner via machine and hand
  • Carnauba wax or polymer sealant applied to vehicle paintwork by hand
  • Alloy wheels polished & protected using high temp sealants to prevent brake dust sticking
  • Chrome & stainless steel polished
  • All glass polished inside & out
  • Exterior trim treated and protected
  • Tyres protected with rubber preserver
  • Vehicle inspected & buffed with final treatment

Interior Detail

  • Additional Interior Detail includes:
  • Full deep vacuum to remove all loose dirt
  • Full deep clean & extraction of all carpets, mats & upholstery
  • All plastic/trim deep cleaned & treated
  • Leather cleaned & protected with premium coating

Protection Detail Pricing

Package Small/Hatchback Medium/Estate Large/4×4
Exterior £125 £150 £175
Exterior & Interior £175 £200 £250

Approximate time required: 4-6 Hours depending on vehicle size & condition

Call Or Book Online

Call now on 07878 932511 to discuss your requirements and arrange a time & place that suit you.

Alternatively, use my on-line booking form. I look forward to hearing from you and caring for your car!

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