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Leather Bolster Recolouring Surrey

As well as providing professional car valeting services for the interior & exterior we can also repair scuffs and scratches to your leather.

Leather upholstery is very durable but can get scratched and worn over time.

We are able to recolour the affected area and restore appearance to make it look like new.

Once recoloured, the leather is sealed to give an as new coating which won’t affect the feel or look of the leather and give a durable finish that will last.

Here is an example of a very worn leather seat bolster that has worn through.


Once the bolster has been recoloured, cured and sealed an as new appearance is restored adding life, value and improving the look of any interior.

Once complete:



Call 07878 932511 to book your leather bolster recolouring in Surrey.

Ideal for repairing leather before selling your car, improving appearance on your cherished vehicle or for a touch up after a recent accident.

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