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Keep Your Car Looking Like New With Our Professional Regular Car Valeting Surrey

Our professional high standard regular car valeting service in Surrey ensures your car will look like new no matter how long you keep it.

As soon as we start caring for your car it will be treated with nothing but the best including ph neutral cleaners and plush lambs wool to ensure our tools and chemicals won’t damage or affect your car.

Our regular valeting service, set to either 2, 4 or 6 week intervals will ensure all treatments necessary to keep your car looking like new are carried out as part of the package.

As a minimum our care package includes:

  • 2 bucket wash with lambs wool wash mitts
  • wheels hand cleaned including arches and shuts
  • fully dried with microfibres
  • full detailed vacuum & dust
  • interior trim wiped down with protectant to prolong life
  • tar spots removed from exterior
  • premium paint sealant applied to paint
  • glass polished
  • tyres dressed

Our regular care packages start from just £40 so call today to keep your car looking like new on 07878 932511.