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01483 346344 Sample Oak Lane, Chilworth, GU4 8QW
Exterior Features Bronze Valet Silver Valet Gold Valet Platinum Valet Interior Valet Exterior Valet
Wheels, Tyres & Arches Cleaned Y Y Y  Y Y
Door Shuts Cleaned Y Y Y  Y Y
Multi-Stage Wash & Microfibre Dry Y Y Y  Y Y
Brightwork Polished Y Y Y  Y Y
Tyres Cleaned & Dressed Y Y Y  Y Y
Exterior Glass Polished Y Y Y  Y Y
Exterior Bodywork Wax Polished Y Y  Y Y
Exterior Plastic Rejuvenated Y Y  Y Y
Tar Removed From Bodywork Y  Y Y
Clay Bar Treatment For Bodywork  Y
Bodywork Protected With Premium Sealant  Y
Interior Features
All Surfaces Brushed & Vacuumed Y Y Y  Y Y
Dust Interior Plastics Y Y Y  Y Y
Inside windows polished Y Y Y  Y Y
Deodoriser Applied Y Y Y  Y Y
Dash, Door Cards & Plastics Shampooed Y Y  Y Y
Upholstery & Fabric Shampooed/Extracted Y  Y Y
Leather Treatment Y  Y Y
Headlining Shampooed  Y Y
Prices From £40 £75 £120  £175 £75 £60

The following optional extras are available with all services at £25 each:

Clay bar decontamination

High grade wax protection

Deep wet extraction for upholstery

Soft top clean and protection is also available (£75).

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