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Porsche Boxster S Paint Correction

Our full paint correction services in Surrey offer you the ultimate option to get your car back into shape and looking like new even after being neglected for months or years.

We deliver our services straight to your door so you always know where your car is and can see the difference as it happens.

Our paint correction services in Surrey offer you effective but safe:

  • Compounding to remove heavy swirl marks or scratches
  • High gloss polishing for the perfect hologram-free finish
  • Ideal for swirl mark removal, scratch removal and creating a high gloss finish
  • All of our professional polishing is protected with a durable natural or acrylic wax to ensure a lasting shine

This Boxster S received a full compound using Meguiars 105 followed by sets of 3M Ultrafina to refine the finish and improve gloss. This was followed by hand waxing with Swissvax Shield to seal in the shine and make cleaning a quicker and simpler task.

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Once the polishing stages are complete and full gloss has been restored, the paintwork is waxed by hand to protect the finish and leave a lasting shine.