Porsche Turbo S After New Car paint Protection Detail SurreyKeep your new car looking like new for longer with our professional new car paint protection detail and spend more time enjoying it and less time looking after it.

Your car will be prepared and protected with the latest anti-scratch ultra durable coatings that do the hard work to look after your new car so you don’t have to!

Plus your new car will look better than new with our methodical and thorough process carried out in an ultra-bright workshop designed to not let any marks hide!

Why Choose Our New Car Paint Protection?

  • Protects your new car inside & out with the best ultra-durable coatings
  • Better value & far better protection than any dealership offerings!
  • Stress-free aftercare, easy to keep your car clean for months ahead
  • Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your new car!

Every Surface Perfected & Protected

Porsche Turbo S Wheel After New Car Paint Protection DetailOur New Car Protection Detail is a complete paint and interior protection service designed to care & protect all major surfaces of your vehicle offering far greater quality & care than any other dealer-applied or off-the-shelf product.

Having your car paint professionally protected with an All That Gleams new car protection detail makes your car maintenance routine a lot easier & less stressful.

Our service ensures the right products for your car will create a barrier on all treated surfaces which makes it very hard for the dirt & water to stick to.

So when it comes to cleaning the car, it will be easy to restore a brilliant shine.

Plus with our premium nano ceramic coatings, the increased hardness makes it easier to keep swirl marks at bay so your car can stay looking like new for as long as you want!

Our New Car 21-Step Protection Process:

  • Wheels/tyres/arches fully cleaned inside & out
  • Door, boot & bonnet shuts degreased & prepared
  • Bodywork treated with pre-wash treatment to remove loose dirt
  • Washed methodically by hand with 2-bucket method for a scratch-free wash
  • Tar spots & transport wax removed from paintwork & wheels
  • Paintwork further decontaminated with clay bars to remove bonded contaminants
  • Paintwork machine polished to remove defects & improve gloss
  • Paintwork cleaned with pure alcohol to ensure a surgically clean surface
  • Premium inorganic paint sealant applied to every inch of the paintwork by hand using GTechniq EXO V3
  • *Optional Anti-Scratch Crystal Serum Light Coating Available (See Below For Options)*
  • Alloy wheels protected with sealant to prevent brake dust sticking
  • *Wheels can also be removed and fully sealed inside and out for easy cleaning using Gtechniq C5
  • All glass polished inside & out
  • Professional glass sealant applied to all glass to improve water & dirt repellency
  • Exterior trim treated and protected using premium inorganic coatings
  • Tyres protected with non-solvent rubber preserver
  • Engine bay plastics protected to preserve hoses and trim
  • Interior cleaned & vacuumed
  • Leather upholstery protected with premium sealant to resist dye transfer and wear
  • Fabrics protected (including carpets/upholstery/mats) with professional fabric protectant
  • Brightwork polished
  • Vehicle inspected for quality
  • OPTIONAL TREATMENT: Soft Top Protection against UV fade & improve water repellency

New Car Paint Protection Prices

Our professional paint protection services include all major surfaces on the exterior as well as the interior as standard. The main difference in the two options is the premium service features our ultra-durable sealant for the paint, wheels & trim. It takes a lot longer to apply but in return offers a lot more durability!

New Car Protection OptionsHatchback/Coupe/SaloonLarge/4×4
Standard (2 Year Paint Protection)£295£395
Premium (5 Year Paint Protection)£495£595
Premium Wheel Coating (Wheels Removed & Fully Sealed)£80£80
Convertible Hood Protection£60£60

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Premium Wheel Sealant (+£80)Convertible Roof Protection (+£60)

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