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cleaning ceramic coated carThe ATG Used Car Correction Detail is designed to revive & restore an as-new finish of any used car that requires some tlc.

Say goodbye to swirls and hello to shine..

Every surface, contour & detail of your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, prepared, polished, detailed & protected to revitalise your car.

It is ideal for restoring a new car shine to vehicles that have lost their former lustre or for newly acquired cars that need to be brought back to life.

  • Restores Gloss & Life Into Used Cars
  • Swirl Marks & Imperfections Permanently Removed
  • All Surfaces Cleaned, Polished & Protected With Premium Coatings
  • Ultimate Ceramic Coatings & Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Available

Our Used Car Detail package will reverse the damage caused by hand car washes, automatic machines, years of neglect, poor wash techniques, aged paint or simply to bring perfection to used but loved vehicles, leaving a glossy, sharp finish that breaths new life and is much easier to maintain.

The used car correction & protection detail service is completed by applying the highest quality paint, wheel & glass protection to ensure your vehicle is protected against the elements and seals in the shine.

Completed with our detailed finishing touches, we ensure your vehicle looks perfect from every angle.

Used Car Correction Detail Features:

  • Alloy wheels detailed & cleaned inside & out to remove brake dust & iron filing contaminants
  • Wheels removed if necessary for better access & more detailed cleaning of undercarriage
  • Arches & tyres degreased & cleaned
  • Extensive wash process including shuts and engine bay
  • Tar removed from bodywork & wheels using non-abrasive products
  • Fallout removed from paintwork to remove contaminants beneath surface
  • Clay bar used to further decontaminate paintwork
  • Extensive multi-stage paint correction process carried out to remove as many defects as possible including scratches, swirl marks, oxidation & flatting marks
  • Paint refinement process completed for a hologram-free, refined finish
  • Premium wax or sealant applied depending on choice
  • *Ceramic Paint Protection Upgrade Available From £95*
  • Wheels treated with high temperature sealant
  • Trim & tyres treated for protection against fade & cracking
  • Exhaust & bright work polished & protected
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned & mats shampooed
  • Leather upholstery deep cleaned & conditioned
  • All trim/dash/plastics shampooed and left in an as-new condition (no greasy dressings)
  • Glass polished inside & out
  • Front glass sealed for safer driving to promote water resistance
  • Vehicle finalised & inspected

Used Car Correction Detail Cost: £395 + vat (car) £495 + vat (4×4)

This detail is ideal for those looking for nothing short of perfection and a show car finish. This detail is designed to rectify well used paintwork that has seen a lot of bad care or paintwork that has had heavy defects inflicted either through heavy etching, scratches, very poorly cared for, bad paint job/re-spray or just years of neglect causing oxidation, dull paint & a poor quality finish.

Book Your Used Car Correction Detail in Surrey

Click here for our online booking form to request a Used Car Correction Detail for your vehicle and we will get back to you as soon as possible with available dates.

Alternatively, call 01483 346344 to discuss your requirements and talk to us today!

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