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Audi TT | What an enhancement detail can do

An enhancement detail carried out on this Audi TT displays what can be achieved and the difference machine polishing can make. An enhancement detail is ideal for removing and reducing swirl marks and light scratches whilst improving gloss. This makes it ideal for those looking for an economical option to make a vast improvement in …

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Porsche Boxster S Paint Correction

Our full paint correction services in Surrey offer you the ultimate option to get your car back into shape and looking like new even after being neglected for months or years. We deliver our services straight to your door so you always know where your car is and can see the difference as it happens. …

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Porsche Boxster S Paint Correction Detail

A paint correction detail was carried out on this Porsche Boxster after a recent purchase and required a lot of paint renovation due to neglect and lots of damage. The car received a thorough clean inside and out before decontaminating the paint preparing it for machine polishing. As you can see from the pictures there …

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Aston Martin DB9 Paint Renovation

Car Valeting in Croydon

This Aston Martin DB9 was booked in for our paint renovation services to revitalise the vehicles paint and restore gloss, clarity and value. Even cars that are looked after regularly can benefit from our paint renovation due to improper washing and drying techniques causing swirl marks and fine scratches, dulling an otherwise good finish. Our …

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