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Top 10 Tips – How To Prevent Swirl Marks

Swirls marks on mr2

Learn how to prevent swirl marks with our Top 10 Tips How To Prevent Swirl Marks! Swirls marks are simply very fine scratches which dull the paint and create an eye-sore to any enthusiast when the sun pops out! So skim through and learn how to prevent swirl marks with the pros! Tip 1 – Use …

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Winter Car Care – Care for your car in winter

Winter Car Preparation

Just like you, your car needs to wrap up when facing the harsh winter elements to ensure it stays in the best condition to avoid a long, tedious tidy up to get the car back up to scratch when the warmer weather arrives. The basics These months ahead plan a tough time for your car. …

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What Is Paint Decontamination

BMW Paint Decontamination

Find out how to decontaminate paint, how to use a clay bar & other useful tips which leave your paint squeaky clean. Decontaminating paint is a valuable and straightforward task, learn how to identify types of paint contamination and how to remove it safely.