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How To Detail Alloy Wheels

How To Detail Your Wheels

Our guide on How To Detail Alloy Wheels will take you through 7 easy steps to getting your wheels looking like new. Detailing your wheels will one of the most dramatic changes in the appearance of your car. Highly polished, swirl free paint will look awesome but having sub-standard wheels will always hinder the final outcome …

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Optimum No Rinse Review | All That Gleams

BMW Optimum No Rinse Test Review

After researching methods of using less water whilst cleaning cars both domestically & professionally, including waterless & low water methods, I wanted to do an Optimum No Rinse review to see if its as good as it sounds. Whilst not being a typical ‘waterless’ car wash solution, it does make do without rinsing which can save …

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Difference between car valeting and detailing

Due to the recent increase in popularity in car detailing there has been a big grey area created in the difference between ‘car valeting’ and ‘car detailing’. As far as Wikipedia is concerned, if that’s anything to go by, there is no difference and is simply called different things in different countries, i.e. car valeting …

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Guest Post – Protecting Your Pride and Joy

This weeks blog post comes from a guest to my site: For the most part, there are two different types of car owners: there are car owners for whom a car is nothing more than a vehicle to get them from one place to another, and there are car owners for whom a car is …

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