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Mar 21

What Is Fallout On Cars


What Is Fallout? Fallout is basically tiny shards of hot metal that have that embedded themselves onto any surface they touch. The tiny shards of hot metal can come from a variety of surfaces so has many applications but all comes down to the friction of metal on metal. Once embedded the fallout can easily oxidise and …

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Mar 19

How To Clean Your Car After Detailing

how to clean your car after detailing

Getting your car detailed will give you a sense of pride and joy, giving you that feeling of a new car all over again do you keep it looking that way? How to clean your car after detailing shouldn’t be an arduous or complex task, a couple of small changes can make a big …

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Mar 04

Caring For Plastic Headlights

VW Golf GTI Headlight

Headlights have a protective coating which acts like lacquer on paintwork. It is there to protect the underlying plastic from degradation from UV rays and other environmental factors that could otherwise degrade the surface. However, due to the lack of care that headlights receive, the coating on the headlights, although does a very good job …

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Dec 30

Car Interior Cleaning Routine

Our car interior cleaning routine is designed to help keep your interior clean either after a full detail or if you want to keep a new car looking like new. After years of detailing peoples car for a living, the most common question I get asked is “how do I keep it looking this good?”. …

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