January 2018 archive

Top 5 Best Car Polish 2018

Meguiars Car Polish Ultimate Compound

Bring back a showroom shine quickly and easily with our top 5 best car polish; get a glossy shine in no time. Quick Car Polish Explanation Our list of the best car polish are mostly all-in-one style car polishes. They use a fine abrasive to reduce scratches, a glaze to enhance shine and a wax …

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Top 7 Best Car Wax 2018

meguiars 16 best wax for cars

Looking for the best car wax to add shine, protection and great beading to your car? Get the most direct and easy to understand list of the best waxes that will give you more shine for more time. As with all waxes, it is worth spending the time to ensure your paint is prepared properly. Even …

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