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Aston Martin Paint Correction Car Detailing

Car Detailing Esher

This Aston Martin Vantage was booked in to receive paint correction due to swirl marks in the paint when the car was purchased. The wheels, body and shuts were cleaned first before a thorough decontamination to remove all tar and iron from the paint. The paint was then polished using rotary polishers to renovate the …

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Mercedes SLS AMG Gold Valet

Mercedes SLS Gold Valet

Mercedes SLS AMG treated to our Gold Valet for the interior & exterior. Started off with an extensive clean of the alloy wheels inside & out using specific soft brushes and PH neutral cleaner due to the carbon ceramic brakes. The vehicle was then treated to a thorough hand wash including arches & shuts. Once …

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Optimum No Rinse Review | All That Gleams

BMW Optimum No Rinse Test Review

After researching methods of using less water whilst cleaning cars both domestically & professionally, including waterless & low water methods, I wanted to do an Optimum No Rinse review to see if its as good as it sounds. Whilst not being a typical ‘waterless’ car wash solution, it does make do without rinsing which can save …

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BMW e46 Soft Top Cleaning

This BMW e46 was in desperate need of our professional soft top cleaning services due to the roof looking more green than black! After letting the roof dwell in biological soft top cleaner the roof was agitated using various soft brushes to ensure every angle was cleaned and every single spot of algae was removed. …

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